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#1 Equipment Rental Company in
West Haven Utah

Wild West Rentals is a trusted outdoor equipment rental company in West Haven UTAH, that offers quality equipment for short term use. Located in West Haven, Wild West Rentals offers a wide selection of equipment rental options for construction projects. Our team delivers quality equipment when you need it for the lowest price. Wild West Rentals is the preferred method compared to buying expensive machinery. You can invest the money you would normally spend on buying equipment and put it directly into improving your project. As a Utah based company, we understand the importance of quality equipment rental solutions. 

Why rent from us

We're West Haven Utah Best Equipment Rental Company

Wild West Rentals is not some national corporation with no connection to Utah. We’re a local construction equipment rental company with deep roots in the Davis County community. Headquartered in West Haven with easy access from Ogden and Salt Lake City, Wild West Rentals is centrally located and available for rentals seven days a week.

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